Ana Kras apartment by Brian Ferry


POND @ The Bowery Ballroom

Morrissey (1985)
by Peter Anderson

Title: Life Is Simple In The Moonlight
Artist: The Strokes
Played: 1080 times


“I didn’t wanna tell you I was jealous, jealous, jealous and alone.”


FYI I look surprisingly good for someone who got 4 hours of sleep last night

Title: I Want the One I Can't Have
Artist: The Smiths
Played: 3777 times


I Want The One I Can’t Have | The Smiths



Title: Good Guys Don't Wear White
Artist: The Vaccines
Played: 907 times

The Vaccines // Good Guys Don’t Wear White

I’m a poor boy born in a rut
Some say my manners ain’t the best
Some of my friends have been in a whole lot of trouble
and some say I’m no better than the rest

So tell your momma and your papa
Sometimes good guys don’t wear white
They don’t wear white